Why do you want to start your projects with DigSee SURE ?
Multiplatform app

You can fill in your templates by the different devices and platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and everyone browsers in the Web


CAPI, CATI & CAWI methods available to use. You can start different method to your project and use only one platform to release


Use in your projects simple and hard logic rules to have friendly and true results. You can add many scenarios in your templates

Special links

Create an individual links for users. You also can create a general link to use it everyone, like Google Forms


Add your logo and use your colors in the templates. Use html code to branding your questions in projects

Save NOT end results

If user closes not end questionnaire, you will get answers of the questions what he stayed after close link. He can also refill the questionnaire if he comes again


You can programming automatically default answers by the conditions and without them. This answers can be edit or without this act


There are images, videos, audio and other formats of media-files you can add to the templates in your projects.

Quick Analytic

One click button and you have all results from all you questions of the template by percentage and by numbers in one file. Export this file to Excel or send it to the Google Drive.

Export to Excel & SPSS

You can work with arrays by spreadsheets in the most popular analysis tools: MS Excel, SPSS, R, MS Power BI and other programs with .txt and .csv formats

Google Drive

Integration with your Google account give you a new advantages. All your results can automatically send to your Google Drive. You can send to users or clients access rights to results


Forward users after fill in questionnaire to your web-site or other form with the simple tag in our app

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